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Programming for high volume parts

Efficient programming is the key to profitable part production. You may have the latest multi axis high speed machining centre but if the programs aren't as efficient as they should be then profits could be leaking away all the time the machine is running.

Programming for volume parts is not just about creating the best path for the cutter; it's also about choosing the best set of cutters for the job and knowing when the cutters can be pushed hard without compromising the surface finish.

Using the correct software is also very important to creating programs for volume parts. You need software that will give you good tidy automatic strategies combined with the ability to have total manual control over the toolpath when needed.

This is why we use Pro Engineer for volume part programming as it is one of the most powerful packages around for this type of work.

It will also be important for you to have confidence that the program will work 1st time and that it will produce the part correctly with no unmachined areas. We use the industry leading Vericut software to check all of our high volume and prismatic programs for cutter and holder collisions and to check that the part has been machined completely.

Even if your part is machined in super quick time, if the part comes off the machine with burrs and sharp edges then your engineers will have to spend time and effort in manually de-burring. We can include deburring routines into our programs so your parts are ready to be shipped as soon as they leave the machine.

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